Wednesday, November 21, 2012

MANIFESTO: Who might we be

There is a constant need in our existence for something new. A different approach. A certain emotion that revolves our lives. A feeling able to transform the most insignificant insect by the name of routine, into a beautiful butterfly of excitement. Such transformation will certainly not come all by itself. We must look for it: search every dark corner of our mind; look on every shelf of our heart; appreciate every single moment, every single inch of the place we call home, of the space we call existence. And the goal would be to find a sense of nostalgia, a vivid memory of what we really are, since so many of us lost such while becoming the beings others want us to be. Instead of looking out the window, perhaps jump, feel the thrill of the fall; we became the most vapid, monotonous, repetitious, selfish creatures nature has ever seen. The fault of such is ours, certainly. It might rely on the fact that we grew into these individual capsules that, despite protecting our fragile bodies, shade the whole world. They turn our dialogue in a one-way-stream that, despite absorbing life, does not necessarily changes it. We pass by the opportunity of communication. Not that we don't collect information, yet I can't help but feeling we've lost a need for displaying our own thoughts. To put out there our point of view, how my eyes, how yours eyes face reality.
Therefore, The Border is a space to communicate my thoughts, in a developed, constructed way. What will become an exercise of retrieving information, and processing it into a individual appreciation of a topic, despite such being a fact, or a simple memory.

"And no one could move me but myself. For I've realized I once was the greatest achievement in life itself"

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